UK Corsa Network


UK Corsa Network

UK Corsa Network is a newly formed Car Club launched in March 2007 for owners of the Vauxhall Corsa.. This Club joins both the third and forth generation Corsa's together under one network.

We hold local area meets for club members in certain areas of the UK, which give members a chance to meet new people and see other members Corsa’s. Our first Car Club Stand appearance was back at Silvertone for Trax 2004 for Corsa-C|UK and we now have stands at all the major shows throughout the show season.

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Corsa-C|UK was formed towards the end of 2003 then the Car Club was re-launched in January 2004 for owners of the third generation Vauxhall Corsa, the Corsa ‘C’. We formed this Car Club to allow Corsa C owners to help each other by asking people with similar interests. We have a rapidly growing forum which has taken off really well and the number of club members seems to be ever increasing.

Corsa-D|UK was launched in 2007 based on a similar style to the previous Corsa-C based club. This club was setup for the forth generation Vauxhall Corsa, the Corsa 'D'. This second club is growing in a similar progession as Corsa-C did a few years before.

UK Corsa Network is made up of Corsa-C|UK and Corsa-D|UK and is not affiliated or linked in anyway to General Motors UK Ltd. UK Corsa Network is operated/owned by